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    mental floss store promotional code
    GeorgearemДата: Понедельник, 17.11.2014, 06:11 | Сообщение # 1
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    п»їAfter an embarrassing 2-0 loss last week to a team that we totally outplayed, I decided to take action and get the members of my soccer team (university of toronto alumni - also known as Toronto Blues FC) in better running shape.
    See the problem with playing men's soccer is that, unlike professional soccer or competitive youth soccer, the commitment (and thus fitness level) from each player is limited due to family, work, etc...
    Nonetheless, we are playing in one of the most competitive soccer divisions in the province of Ontario and we've all committed to giving it our all. Unfortunately, there are players who can only last 20-30 minutes while others are exhausted after just a few full field sprints.
    So here's what I did...
    On top of our regular Monday night training sessions, I initiated a optional (yet highly recommended) interval training fitness session to take place on Wednesday nights. This would give our guys plenty of time to recover from Monday's session and optimally prepare our bodies for the upcoming game on the weekend.
    The interval training fitness session would last no more than 45 minutes and consist of soccer-specific running. The beauty of soccer is that there is a change of pace (and direction) every 5-6 seconds. At the same time, the average elite player covers around 9-10 km in a 90-minute game.
    So taking full advantage of the beautiful weather and the wonderful running track at the University of Toronto, here's what our first interval training session looked like.
    The goal of this interval training workout was to increase aerobic endurance and speed endurance via short-duration (no lactic acid production) intervals.
    Warm-up: 4 x 400m @ light jog/talk test pace (final 100m was faster)
    Dynamic stretching with light accelerations: 5 minutes
    Sprint Interval #1: 50m @ 100% : 150 @ 65% recovery x 8
    Recovery: 1 x 400m (+plus rehydration)
    Sprint Interval #2: 100m @ 100% : 300m @ 65% x 4
    Cool down: 1 x 400m + core exercises + static stretching + rehydration
    Total distance covered = 4 km (800m run at full speed)
    Note that this was our first session and as such was not "vomit-inducing" by any means. That was never the goal. The goal was to get the guys used to running repeated short bouts at their maximum running speed. Again, I wanted to keep it soccer-specific.
    Next week's session will build upon this one but feature slightly more distance and a reduced recovery time during the intervals. Stay tuned for that workout later next week.
    For now, if you access to a running track, then give this interval training running workout a shot. It's an awesome sport-specific training session for any sport really and even a great for 5k runners to start building some more running speed into their training.

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    Добавлено (17.11.2014, 06:07)
    п»їThroughout my career in the military I have come across a variety of tall tales about eating and exercise. The extent of misinformation is so great that you’d think we were dealing with Cold War propaganda. If a lie is told frequently enough it is treated as the truth.
    Seven Myths about Eating and Weight Loss
    Eating Myth #1: Eating fat is bad for you.
    The Truth: Eat fat, Soldier! It’s good for you. Just don’t eat too much, and stay away from bad fat. If you want to be healthy, you must have body fat, and you must eat fat. Don’t eat too much, and make sure that the fat you eat is the good stuff. Eliminate the bad fats first. Trans fats and hydrogenated fats are bad news for the body. Stay away from them. Trans fats and hydrogenated fats are almost exclusively found in processed foods. Read the labels and you will quickly learn about the sources of these bad fats. Saturated fats can also be a source of artery-clogging and cholesterol-increasing fats. So where do you get those good fats? You get them from plant products (plant-based oils and nuts). Your best bet is to look for plant-based fats that contain predominantly monounsaturated fats and a lesser amount of polyunsaturated fats. Olive oil fits this description. No more than 30 % of your daily caloric intake should be made up of fat (example: one tablespoon of olive oil has 120 calories). Some athletes, like professional soccer players, actually consciously increase their fat intake to as high as 40% due to special athletic needs.
    Let’s take a quick look at what fat is used for in the body:
    Stores energy.
    - Gives shape to your body.
    - Serves as a protective cushion to your skin.
    - Insulates the body to reduce heat loss.
    - Is a part of every cell membrane in the body.
    - Is essential to brain and nerve cells function.
    - Serves as a protective cushion around your internal organs.
    - Is an integral part of many hormones and other biochemicals, such as Vitamin D.
    Eating Myth #2: The best way to lose weight is to cut back on the calories.
    The Truth: Exercising and eating right are the best ways to lose excess weight.
    The best weight-loss is one where you watch the quantity and quality of food you eat and exercise regularly. If you just reduce calories, especially without exercising, your metabolism will slow down to compensate for the reduction, and your weight-loss strategy is out the window. (See the chapter on “Six Keys to Permanent Weight-loss”).
    Increased stress can even cause your body to store more fat. That’s right. Your body has a protective mechanism when it’s stressed by dieting. Merely cutting back on calories without eating healthy or exercising will cause you to lose good, lean, muscle mass. This means that your body has practiced cannibalism on itself and is “eating” your flesh. As you can see, you will actually create a whole array of health issues if you listen to the enemy on this one.
    Eating Myth #3: You can eat as much as you want, if you are eating healthy foods.
    The Truth: No! Even if you are healthy and exercise regularly, overeating healthy food choices lead to poor performance and reduced energy. After trampling through all the other land mines (= myths) above, this should be an easy one for you. This myth focuses on the quality of food while disregarding the quantity. Truly healthy eating focuses both on the quantity and quality of food.
    Eating Myth #4: You can eat whatever you want, if you work out regularly.
    The Truth: No! Unhealthy food choices reduce energy and physical and mental performance. Would you ever hear a race-car driver say, “I’m going to put low-octane fuel in that gas tank. After all, this car gets worked regularly.” Performance and energy would suffer and races would be lost. It is no different with the human body. Put low-octane fuel (= unhealthy food choices) in your body, and your performance will suffer. You will have less energy and more health issues. Poor food choices will impact your mood, compromise your immune system, and get your hormones out of whack. Need I say more? Occasional indulgence in food and drink, even if it may be “low-octane fuel,” will probably not negatively impact your overall health. Occasional means no more than once a week.
    Eating Myth #5: Eating late at night will cause you to gain extra weight.
    The Truth: Eating a regular meal after 8:00 PM does not cause weight gain. If you are hungry and are considering missing a meal because it’s late, by all means, eat something. Weight gain is caused by eating too much and/or not exercising regularly. We all do not have the same schedules, so we have to design our own eating plans. Eat at least three times a day with one or two (unprocessed) healthy snacks, if necessary. We generally want to avoid eating less than an hour before bed only to prevent digestive sleep interruptions, which may result in some very interesting dreams.
    Eating Myth #6: Skipping meals is a good strategy to cut back on calories and lose weight.
    The Truth: Skipping meals is a one-way ticket to weight gain. Intentionally skipping meals is the fastest way to gain weight and possibly get sick. Your body is smarter than you are and will protest your skipping a meal by slowing that metabolism down so that you won’t lose one single pound of fat.
    Eating Myth #7: Eating less than 1200 calories will speed up your weight-loss.
    The Truth: Here we go again. This is a myth and will slow your metabolism making you more susceptible to weight gain. See our Intel on Eating Myth #2.

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    Добавлено (17.11.2014, 06:11)
    п»їJoint pain and inflammation is one among the commonly found health disorders affecting daily life activities of person. Occurrence of arthritis, painful muscles and bursitis are some major causes contributing for the formation of joint pain and inflammation. Health issues play a significant role in forming this disorder. Severe joint pain, weight loss, chills, headaches, loss of appetite and fever are some among the main symptoms shown by a person suffering from this health disorder. At present there are several remedial measures for preventing pain and inflammations. Use of herbal oils is one safe treatment for reducing pain and inflammation of joints. Let's see how herbal anti inflammatory oil works to reduce joint pain and inflammation.
    Eucalyptus oil is one among the effective herbal oils used for treating pain and inflammation. Leaves of the plant are mainly used for the preparation of eucalyptus. This herbal oil is well known for anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti rheumatic and anti aging functions. Topical application of eucalyptus oil rejuvenates body cells and improves the flexibility of joints. Pleasing aroma coming from fresh eucalyptus calms down nerve cells and helps in improving both physical and emotional well being of person. Apart from reducing joint pain and inflammation, topical application of eucalyptus also helps in preventing other health disorders like migraines, ulcers, bronchitis and acne.
    Fennel seed anti inflammatory oil is found to be very effective for reducing joint pain and inflammation. It is one among the widely used essential oils in aromatherapy. You can use this medicinal oil both externally and internally. Compositions of fennel seed oil like anti oxidants, fiber, minerals and vitamins rejuvenates body cells and makes you young and healthy. Nutrients present in essential oil are easily absorbed by skin cells of body. Apart from relieving body ache and inflammations, use of fennel seed oil also helps in aiding digestion, curing cough, reducing flatulence and lowering LDL cholesterol level.
    Peppermint oil is a safe anti inflammatory oil that works best to reduce joint pain and inflammation. You can directly apply this herbal oil on joint areas. For attaining best results, it is advised to apply a mixture of peppermint oil and carrier oil on affected areas. Peppermint oil is also well known for its antimicrobial and anti viral properties. Patients suffering from inflammations of mouth and pharynx are advised to gargle a mixture of peppermint oil and water daily. Lemongrass oil is another herbal remedy joint pain and inflammations.
    For attaining faster relief from arthritis trouble, you can apply a mixture of lemongrass oil, turmeric powder, cayenne pepper powder and coconut oil on affected areas of inflammations. It is found to be very beneficial for treating health disorders like sprains, arthritis and gout. Thorough body massaging with lemongrass oil also helps in relieving nervous disorders like stress and depression. Other effective herbal anti inflammatory oils which work best to reduce joint pain and inflammations naturally without any side effects include nutmeg oil, oregano oil, cinnamon bark oil, rose oil, thyme and bergamot oil.

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    ZiohireyeHomsДата: Среда, 19.11.2014, 00:00 | Сообщение # 2
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    BopoiuasditoДата: Среда, 19.11.2014, 00:24 | Сообщение # 3
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    GeorgearemДата: Среда, 19.11.2014, 13:27 | Сообщение # 4
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    п»їIf you want to know how to get a six pack quickly, there is a two step process that needs to be followed. You need to strengthen your abs and lose body fat. While this sounds simple, taking the appropriate steps to make this happen is challenging. If you really want six pack abs, it will take time along with willpower, patience, and dedication to achieve results.
    There is alot of information available on how to get a six pack. When you read a variety of articles on how to get a six pack, you will realize they all advise that you need to build muscle, lose fat, and watch your diet. This is basic advice you will need to follow if you want to get a six pack.
    Beyond the basic advice, here are some tips that will help you to understand how to get a six pack.
    TIP #1 ... You must motivate yourself to practice the activities in order to achieve the results. Either choose exercises that you enjoy or learn to enjoy the exercises you choose. Celebrate short term victories on your path to six pack abs. Remember, you get immediate benefits as well as long term benefits. You must learn to recognize the benefits you are achieving as a result of your daily plan.
    TIP #2 ... You must use a journal to record your daily activities toward achieving your goal. A spiral notebook makes a great journal because the pages remain in chronological order. Develop the habit of reviewing the entries in your journal at least once each week. This provides great perspective on your progress.
    TIP #3 ... Some people choose to gradually change their lifestyles in order to begin their quest for great abs. Others choose to create a massive action plan and make dramatic lifestyle changes immediately. Decide whether you want to change gradually or create a MAP ... then stick to your plan. Live each day at a time according to your plan and you will eventually achieve your goal of six pack abs.
    TIP #4 ... Take 4 or 5 pictures of your abdominal area when you begin this process. Then take pictures again every four weeks. If you are following a reasonable plan, you will notice gradual changes in your body by comparing pictures every four weeks. It is not reasonable to expect to notice changes every day or even every week.
    TIP #5 ... If you weigh yourself every day, you might be disappointed to see that you are not losing weight. Since you are trying to decrease body fat while building muscle, you may very well gain weight because the muscle tissue you are adding weighs more than the fat you are losing. Plus, the amount of water your body retains varies on a daily basis and will certainly affect your overall weight.
    TIP #6 ... Try to eat five or six small meals during the day. A typical meal might consist of one serving of carbs and one serving of protein. Each serving should be no larger than the palm of your hand. This will regulate your metabolism. Avoid skipping meals.
    TIP #7 ... most people discover that utilizing medicine balls or stability balls add excellent variety to their workouts. Use the medicine ball for added weight on your routines and use the stability ball for a variety of crunches.
    TIP #8 ... If you are focusing on building muscles because you don't have much fat to lose, there are lots of passive exercises you can do throughout the day. For example, while sitting at a desk, you can continually clench your stomach. Or conversely, you could do this every time you walk through a door. Develop these simple habits and you will be amazed at their effectiveness over time.
    There you have it. Now you know how to get a six pack. These tips will help to insure your success as long as you incorporate these tips while you build muscle, lose fat, and watch your diet.
    Get started today . . . you can do it!

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    Добавлено (19.11.2014, 00:51)
    п»їYou only need two types of bodybuilding exercises to craft a really effective routine. Efficiency is a thing of beauty, unless you actually prefer to spend half your life at the gym, breathing sweaty air, and getting frustrated when you don’t get results. Use your brain before your brawn, and you’ll work smarter and see success sooner.
    Bodybuilding Exercise Tip #1:
    Know your muscles. This doesn’t mean giving them cute little nicknames, this means knowing the size and function of each muscle. What kind of bodybuilding exercise will work each muscle? You want to create a physique of evenly developed muscles, and still be able to put your arms down by your sides.
    Bodybuilding Exercise Tip #2:
    OK – pop quiz. What will give out first, your triceps or your chest?
    When you’re doing bench presses, what starts to hurt first? Your poor little triceps! By the time you can bench enough to exhaust your chest, your triceps are shot.
    The solution? Use isolation bodybuilding exercises first. These, by definition, isolate individual muscles and work them hard. If you isolate a larger muscle and work it thoroughly, it evens the playing field when you move on to a bodybuilding exercise that uses a group of muscles.
    Bodybuilding Exercise Tip #3:
    After you’ve put your larger muscles through the paces, it’s time to let the smaller fellas join in. Bring in the compound bodybuilding exercises, the ones that use groups of muscles.
    Take the simple push-up for example: Wrist, forearm, biceps, shoulders, core, and chest all working together. Since some of the muscles involved are smaller than others, they normally fatigue more quickly. If you’ve isolated the larger muscles first, the push-up becomes a much more efficient bodybuilding exercise, because your whole body gets exhausted at about the same time.
    Bodybuilding Exercise Tip #4:
    Let it rest! The two sides of the coin are smart exercises and rest. They’re both necessary to getting the results you want.
    Using efficient isolation and compound bodybuilding exercises, you’ve got the work side covered. You’ll get a more valuable workout in less time. But, it’s all in vain if you don’t allow for sufficient rest for your muscles afterward. Since muscle growth takes place during the recovery period, as your body knits itself back together, you can’t interrupt that process by working those muscles again too soon. Give your muscle groups a full week to recover.
    Half the battle in bodybuilding is having good information. Good info lets you create a good plan for your diet, bodybuilding exercises, and rest periods. Follow a good plan, and you’ll get the results you want.

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    Добавлено (19.11.2014, 06:50)
    п»їI usually get email messages coming from hard gainers seeking guidance on how to put on weight plus build muscles. It normally goes something similar to this:
    "So i'm 5 foot 11, and one hundred thirty pounds... I eat a lot of foods every single day and yet I can't manage to put on any hefty muscle size. I train and weightlift regularly and I 'm not gaining any kind of body weight. I am consuming weight training supplements like powdered protein, creatine, Appeton Weight Gain, and a few others. I understand I am a hard gainer so i need help and advice!"
    Does this sound anything just like you? Have you been a hard gainer that visits a fitness center regularly, eats everything in sight, and used each and every new health supplement that gets to the shelves?
    ...And even after all that time, efforts, and perseverance, you're STILL thin?
    Right now, I'm just intending to debunk several muscle-building myths for you - And I'm also intending to give you a strategy that you could start employing today to get started with gaining weight quickly.
    Myth #1: Hard gainers need to exercise every single day to gain body weight
    That is one of the largest mistakes I notice hard gainers make constantly. Weight training journal can have you think that high-volume weight training exercise sessions 6 days every week is the only way you're going to get huge.
    It is a complete lie!
    Take note, the only folks getting large through pursuing these kinds of insane physical exercises are actually steroid-injected meatheads and a few other genetically blessed individuals.
    The simple truth is, this is the Worst type of method for hard gainers like you and me to follow. So why? Because doing so leads to over-exerting. Your body simply cannot heal fast enough out of your last exercise. So if you're exercising daily constantly, you're in fact doing more damage - and Stopping your muscle tissues from expanding!
    For your muscle groups to grow they need a chance to heal and repair. Easy as that. Consequently, never work out 2 days in a row. I favor a three day divided up schedule, which supplies you a good break between workout routines and permits you to return to the gym larger and more powerful than you were in the past.
    Myth #2: You may be already feeding on a great deal of foods
    No you are not! That is one more HUGE difficulty that can hold you back from increasing the mass of muscle you really want...
    I hate to be the one to tell you this, but if you're not gaining weight each week, then you're not consuming as much as you believe that you are!
    It really is fine though, simply because I had been guilty of that initially when i first started. I assumed I was consuming a lot of food every day. However , when I basically estimated what I consumed, as it turns out I was only eating close to 2500 calories!
    This is exactly why I wasn't growing!
    I'll provide you with a method to use today which will show you just how much you've got to be consuming in order to put on weight. Here are they:
    20 x your current weight = daily calories
    You need to take your own bodyweight multiplied by twenty and that's the amount of daily calorie intake you need to eat in order to start making gains.
    If you observe this system you'll be Much nearer to eating the correct quantity of calories you'll need to start gaining muscle mass. Keep in mind, it effects everyone differently and you may need more or not as much. The treatment depends exactly how active you may be through the day. The more physical exercise one does, the more calories you actually burn. Therefore , the more calories you have to try to eat.
    Even so the idea is that you simply need to know the amount you are actually eating each day! One's body is only going to expand when it receives a caloric excess. If you're not eating enough, your body can not grow new muscle tissues.
    Myth #3: This particular pill definitely will develop muscle mass
    Health supplements really don't create muscle mass. Large weight lifting, stuffing your face with foods, and receiving plenty of rest develops muscle.
    Supplements can help you build muscles. Try not to wind up in the fake idea that any kind of nutritional supplement will do the job in your case. The fact remains, for those who aren't carrying out the right workout routines... Should your diet plan sucks... If you regularly receive only five hrs of sleep a single night... Then you could spend $500 a month in all of the supplements you want, and you simply would not acquire a single pound!
    If it isn't a kick in the butt, i then do not know what the heck is. Numerous men puts too much credit to health supplements. I think it's because of the lure of the "speedy and easy fix." This is exactly what health supplement companies want you to believe!
    Yet let me consult you... Just when was the last time you had taken vitamins and acquired ten pounds of muscles?
    Hardly ever.
    The reality is dietary supplements can help a little bit. They can help you to truly feel more energised... They can boost your testosterone a bit... They could help you to get more protein in your diet... They can increase your chance to elevate large weights... But these are all little, insignificant things when compared to challenge of making muscles.
    Nothing could change a good weight lifting routine, a weight gain diet plan, and traditional sleep. Therefore lets agree to STOP putting the blame on health supplements. In reality, when you're starting out, I'd even advise you eliminate all of the dietary supplements and spend that cash on getting much more whole food! That is the real stuff that can help you gain weight.
    While a hard gainer myself I'm sure that building muscle might seem hard at first... But once you place many of these myths to rest it gets easier and much more pleasurable. Simply because once you know the facts, and start employing the strategy you learn, then you begin to find out nuts increases that may amaze perhaps your self.

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    Добавлено (19.11.2014, 06:59)
    п»їInternationally renowned business philosopher Jim Rohn says, “We want to set the goals that our heart conceives, that our mind believes and that our bodies will carry out.” We are intelligent beings and as intelligent beings we need to have SMART goals. The acronym S.M.A.R.T. outlines the set of criteria that your goal must follow in order for it to be a well-focused and achievable goal. That set of criteria is:
    Specific: Do you know exactly what you want to accomplish with all the details?
    Measurable: Are you able to assess your progress?
    Attainable: Is your goal within your reach given your current situation?
    Relevant: Is your goal relevant towards your purpose in life?
    Time-Sensitive: What is the deadline for completing your goal?
    Create Specific Goals
    Jack Canfield in his book, The Success Principles, states that “Vague goals produce vague results.” There is no place in your life for vague goals. Your subconscious mind will fulfill whatever it focuses on and if your goals are ambiguous or incomplete, then you will achieve results that are also ambiguous or incomplete. You want to make your goal as detailed as possible in order to achieve the specific results that you desire. A specific goal is one that is clearly defined in such a way that anyone could come by and understand what you intend to accomplish. Your goal should contain a detailed description of what you want to accomplish; when you want to accomplish it by; and the action(s) you will take to accomplish it.
    Bad example: “I want to write a book.”
    Good example: “I want to write a book on time management that is at least 200 pages in length and have it done by December 16th. I’ll commit myself to writing at least 2 pages every workday until I reach completion.”
    Create Measurable Goals
    Always set goals that are measurable in some way. You need to establish a measuring stick for assessing the progress towards your goals because if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. A good measurable goal will be one where anyone can come up to you at the deadline and, by viewing the results, determine whether or not you have completed your goal. You also want to be able to see the progressive changes that you make on your goal so that you can judge whether or not you are reaching the completion of your goal. Select a standard unit of measurement that will enable you to see exactly how far you have come from the start of your goal and how far away from the completion of the goal you are.
    Bad example: “I want to be rich.”
    Good example: “I want to generate $100,000 in passive income within 5 years from this date.”
    Create Attainable Goals
    Having high goals that stretch you is important, but you need to also need to create goals that are realistic for your situation and skill level. Many people unfortunately set their goals and dreams so high that they are just not very realistic and, as a result, they never seem to reach their dreams in life. Creating goals that are not attainable is very disempowering and will only serve to demotivate you in life. Remember to set high goals, but be realistic about your goals. On the same note, goals that are too easily accomplished do not stretch you or make you grow as a person because they are not challenging enough. You will want to find that right mix of goal that is challenging, but not extreme.
    Bad example: “I want to become a millionaire in 2 months.”
    Good example: “I want to become a millionaire within 10 years by starting my own personal development company and doing seminars all over the world and by creating a line of passive income products.”
    Create Relevant Goals
    Having goals is great, but what is the underlying purpose for those goals? You want to create goals that are in-line with your personal mission statement or your purpose in life. Relevant goals ensure that you are dedicating your effort towards goals that are focused towards who you are as a person. It is similar to a college curriculum that focuses on specific courses for each major. All of us should create a mission statement for ourselves which is basically our purpose in life and all of our goals should spawn from that mission statement. Goals are just a means of achieving that mission in life. A goal can be very evil in nature and still abide by all the other criteria, but relevancy is the ethical check on that goal to make sure that this particular goal fits within your purpose in life.
    Bad example: “Within one year, I want to become a warlord and have many loyal soldiers who will commit acts of terrorism on my behalf.”
    Good example: “By the end of the year, I want to build a philanthropic foundation that helps feed the homeless.”
    Create Time-Sensitive Goals
    Every goal that you create must be time-sensitive in nature. Not having a time element attached to your goal breeds procrastination. We would simply be motivated to put the goal off for a later time and never get around to it. Goals must have definite starting points and ending points and milestones along the way.
    Bad example: “I am going to do my homework.”
    Good example: “I am going to finish my homework by 8pm tonight and I’ll achieve this deadline by spending one hour on each subject.”
    By spending some time towards making sure that your goals fit the SMART criteria, you will ensure your success.

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    п»їNaturally Boosting Your “Big T”
    --Brian Sodi
    The sad truth is as we get older our bodies produce a lot less testosterone than when we were in our 20’s and 30’s. Between the ages of 35 and 55 your body’s production of “Big T” drops by about 25%.
    Some is due in part to getting older – but the bigger culprits are the choices we make. Especially as you start moving into your middle age years and beyond.
    And for men this is terrible news, because testosterone affects just about every area of our lives.
    Everything from how much extra weight you’re carrying around your mid section to how many times a week you make love to your wife. Essentially testosterone is what makes us men.
    The more “Big T” you have pumping through your veins -- the more manly you’ll feel, act and appear.
    So it makes complete sense that men have been looking for solutions to stop the decline of this precious male hormone since it was first isolated by Dutch scientist back in 1935.
    Until recently most of these discoveries have ended up doing more harm than good. I’m sure I don’t have to go into the dangers of steroids and all the nasty side effects that go along with them.
    But now, thanks to some amazing breakthroughs in naturopathic medicine and the re-discovery of a handful of all natural testosterone boosters. Not only can you stop the decline of this precious male hormone, but in many cases you can even reverse this feminizing trend – quickly -- safely and 100% naturally!
    It’s so simple too! All it takes is just 4 quick and easy steps to get back in the drivers seat and start living life like a real man again!
    And I’m not just talking about an improved sex life either. Follow these 4 easy steps and you can prime your testosterone pump and improve most every aspect of your life – physically, mentally and of course sexually:
    Step #1: Diet
    I’m sure you’ve heard it before – you are what you eat. And the older you get the more important that becomes.
    But don’t worry, you don’t have to eat like a rabbit to live a long healthy, robust male lifestyle.
    First off forget about fad diets – actually forget about dieting all together. And start focusing on making smart food choices all the time. And you can pretty much eat to your hearts content.
    Just follow a few simple strategies and you’ll burn fat…boost your energy…improve your mood and most importantly increase your production of testosterone quickly and easily:
    * Protein, protein, protein! Every meal should be built around a serving of lean protein. Eating protein releases special hormones in your body that tell it to burn fat and build muscle. Good examples of quality protein are lean cuts of beef, skinless chicken or turkey, eggs, fish, cottage cheese and pork.
    * Eat like a cave man. This means fruits, vegetables, nuts and berries – the same diet your ancestors lived off of. Mother natures bounty is so plentiful why not try a little bit of everything. Maybe you don’t like apples but Chinese pears could turn into your new passion. Try it all and see what excites you!
    * Eat your veggies – at least 3 – 5 servings a day. The brightly colored varieties are best – they’re chock full of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and fiber. Some of my favorites include spinach, kale, cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes, collard greens, peppers, and zucchini. And the best part is you can eat as much of them as you like!
    * Avoid the “bad” carbs. With all the Atkins hype going around these days I probably don’t even have to mention this one. But I thought it was important to make a distinction between the bad carbohydrates. Like the ones found in sugar, potatoes and white bread – and the healthy carbs in fruits and veggies. Because you can NEVER get enough of the latter!
    * Drink plenty of water. Hands down your body’s most vital nutrient. If you don’t drink enough your body is forced to retain the water it has -- and this allows waste to accumulate in your body. Thirst can also masquerade as hunger – so if you’re looking to stay healthy and keep your waist line in check I’d recommend at least 8-10 glasses a day.
    * Eat Smart. This means using common sense – don’t eat late at night. Don’t gorge yourself on giant meals once or twice a day. Plan your meals – eat frequent (4-6) smaller meals earlier in the day. Use food for what it is – fuel for your body. This will keep your waist line down and your production of “Big T” way up!
    Step #2: Exercise
    When it comes to exercise I like to keep it simple and straight forward. Because there’s really only 3 basic types of exercises your body needs to stay in tip top shape.
    Cardio work…strength training …and stretching exercises. And you don’t have to train like an Olympic athlete either. Just make sure to do something every day – even if you just take the stairs instead of using the elevator.
    If you want to go a little harder than that you can try… Pushups… crunches… squats... jumping rope or for the more eager student you can join a gym or even sign up at your local martial arts studio.
    Any or all of these activities will keep your testosterone pump cranking at maximum capacity.
    Remember, you’re not over the hill yet. You can join a gym – sign up for a Karate classes or even run the NY City marathon if you set your mind to it. All you have to do is take that first step – and START TODAY!
    Step #3: Natural Supplements
    A healthy sex life and a lean muscular body are nothing more than fond memories for most men over the age of 50. Even guys that continue to work out and really try and stay in shape find it very hard to perform like they did in their younger days (in and out of the bedroom).
    But I’ll bet you didn’t know something as simple as taking a few carefully selected natural supplements could quickly and naturally prime your internal testosterone pump for maximum sexual output.
    Virtually every country on the planet has their own secret “love tonic”. The best of them have been in use for 1000’s of years!
    We’re still a little behind here in the West – but thanks to countless new clinical studies touting their effectiveness, a few of these natural testosterone boosters are starting to grab some major main stream attention:
    * Tribulus Terrestris – more commonly known as puncture vine. Has been used for centuries by Ayervedic Healers as a natural performance enhancer and testosterone booster.
    By naturally boosting your T levels, Tribulus increases your body’s red blood cell count. Resulting in better oxygen transport though your entire body.
    Study after study confirms that taking Tribulus Terrestris regularly can increase your testosterone levels. Without any of the dangerous side effects associated with steroids and other synthetic testosterone boosters.
    * Muira Puama – has been used by Brazilian tribes in and around the Amazon region for centuries. And not just as a potency booster – but as a general health tonic too.
    Recent laboratory studies have confirmed that at the very least it’s an ultra potent sexual stimulant. I recommend making it a regular part of your daily regiment.
    * Yohimbine – has long been used across Africa as a natural aphrodisiac and performance enhancer. And is actually one of the few herbs that’s been accepted by main stream medicine.
    For a long time Yohimbine was the only substance approved by the FDA for treating erectile problems. If you’ve never heard of it before now, you can thank Big Pharma. It’s since been replaced by chemical based erection boosters that have shopping list side effects.
    Still, there have been quite a few studies showing the effectiveness of Yohimbine – and if you’re having problems getting “it up” Yohimbine is sure to help you rise to the occasion!
    * High Potency Multi-Vitamin – is a must have for your overall vitamin and mineral support. This is especially important if you’re less than strict with your eating habits.
    And don’t go for a cheap discount brand – you get what you pay for. If you can afford it I recommend a high end multi-vitamin that’s designed especially for men. Keeping your body fully nourished is the key to overall robust male health!
    To get all these valuable nutrients in one supplement I recommend a product by Best Life Herbals called Men’s Daily Formula HTTP://WWW.BestLife-Herbals.com/-VIT01. It has the perfect balance of pro-sexual herbs, testosterone boosters, prostate support and a high potency multi-vitamin all in one. I’ve been taking it myself for about 2 years now.
    Step #4: Sex
    Sex…Sex and more Sex!!! In general sex is one of the best things you can do for your overall good health -- and testosterone production.
    Aside from the obvious fact that it’s next to impossible to be in a bad mood while having an orgasm. The list of health benefits goes on and on…
    The exercising movements used during sex help lower cholesterol and boost your repertory system…the endorphins released during sex are thought to be the ultimate natural pain killers…and the male orgasm is even believed to help clean out the pipes and ward off some prostate problems!
    So I recommend having sex at least 3 times a week. But I tell you what – if you follow the simple advice I’ve given you today – you could be having sex 3 times a day!
    And it’s so easy! You can live a long healthy life full of piss and vinegar – it just takes a few smart choices. And none of them are very difficult at all – it’s as easy as living like a cave man!
    Think about your male ancestors and how they spent their days. Eating meat… running… hunting…swimming…foraging for nuts and berries and of course having sex.
    So get off the couch – and get in touch with that cave man that’s still buried inside you. He’s dieing to get out.
    And really what’s so hard about waking up – eating a steak – playing 18 holes of golf – having some really good sex? You need only make smart choices – not hard ones!
    Stay Healthy!
    Brian Sodi
    Best Life Herbals

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